Tuesday, September 7, 2010

OMG, Cryx is so OP!

I'm joking, I'm joking... but it definitely seems after last night's games that several of the guys up at the LGS are starting to think so! Below is my pGaspy list I was using last night...

The screenshot by the way, was taken from Forward Kommander.com, which is a perfect (and FREE!) site that lets you build your Warmachine & Hordes lists! As you can see, the list is FAR from an optimized "hard" list (imo), but it still managed to ruffle some feathers and give my opponents the fritz. The 1st game was against Menoth... a Reznik list with Errants, Bastions, an Avatar, and an Reckoner. My general strat was simple: cast "Scything Touch" on my Mechanithralls for +2 damage and crit corrosion, block LoS and Charges with "Breath of Corruption", then get into melee with Gaspy where I let sustained attack coupled with the focus replishing side of my feat to just beat face!

Basically, I went 1st and set up my mechanithralls and Pistol wraiths to the right side, and everything else mid to left. I ran the thralls up towards the errants and his jacks, cast "Scything touch" on them, and pretty much advanced with everything else. My opponent basically advanced with everything, took a few potshots at the mechanithralls with errants but only managed to kill 1 or 2.

My turn 2, saw me charging his errants with my mechanithralls, and killed all but 3 or 4. I also used 1 pistol wraith to "death chill" the incoming avatar, I used the 2nd one to "death chill" one of the errant-like solos. Nothing major happened on turn 2 for the menoth player. The Reckoner nailed my bonejack, but my opponent's dice whiffed on him and he was only able to take out another 1 or 2 mechanithralls.

My turn 3. I was now set up to have Gaspy charge Reznik, but 1st I had to get a lone errant out of the charge path. I moved my pistol wraith into range, my 1st kill shot got transfered/martyed/or whatnot to a different errant, but my 2nd one scored the kill and cleared the way for the charge. Gaspy charged, boosted to hit with his 1st attack to trigger sustained attack and the rest was history!

My 2nd game was against a Khador player using the old witch. I honestly didnt expect to win this one as I have had a lot of issues getting through the behemoth AND catching the old witch thanks to her teleporting ability. But, I went into it with the same gusto as my last game. same plan, same strategy.

I started off getting really lucky with my 1st "Breath of Corruptions" deviating onto some doom reavers. My 2nd turn saw more lucky deviations onto the reavers, and with them taken care of I started to focus on his man-o-wars, with my Deathjack circling around the right side, it started to seem like I had Old witch pinned down between my stuff in the middle and the deathjack on the flanks. It all started to fall apart for the khador player on his next turn. He attempted to hit the deatnhjack via the scrapjack with gallows, but despite only needing a 6 or a 7, he couldnt pull it off. In his frustration he cast it again, and failed again before porting off. Those 2 failed dice rolls, the loss of his reavers via deviating aoes, and handful of other failed attempts to hit a few of my other def 14 guys were enough to ruin the khador player's mood for the rest of the night! The Behemoth did manager to whittle down my Mechanithrall unit to 3 models, which were later that turn killed off so I couldn't bring them back with the necrosurgeon. My next turnsaw me trampling with the deathjack through some mechanics that the Khador put in the way to block my charge, ending me just outside of melee range of the old witch and right behind (but just out of melee range) of the behemoth. My pistol wraiths who had been shooting and "death chilling" the behemoth all game long, did so yet again. The remainder of my stuff advanced towards the old witch and behemoth. The Khador player did pull out somethiing interesting to kill off my deathjack. From Behemoth's rear arc, the old witch used "gallows" to send the behemoth into melee range of my death jack. The behemoth, then turned the deathjack to scrap despite missing once or twice. On my next turn I charged the witch with gaspy, easily shrugged off some free strikes, and 2 attacks later the old witch was no more. the Khador player was not too happy about that loss and proceeded to have a heated discussion about how he felt Khador has the worst casters in all of Warmachine and hordes. *rolls eyes*

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