Sunday, July 18, 2010

Something Wyrd this way comes...

I'm happy to say that Malifaux, a game I have had my eye on since its creation, has finally started to pick up at my LGS. While stumbling through their site and forums trying to decide which crew to pick up I ran across Wyrd's post regarding their GenCon releases, and their new line of terrain really got my eye! (the castle/street and sewer one in particular)

They will retail for about $50, and from what I have read a single box will cover about a 6ft square area. 2 boxes (so $100) will easily fill a full table and allow for second levels, if not a 3rd level) for a good part of the board. Aside from just Malifaux, they could easily be used for other games as well... Mordheim and Necromunda quickly spring to mind. Materials wise, I'm expecting a thick cardstock like material (similar to boards used in standard boardgames) but I'm not sure until I get to see it up close. Either way, if you are like me and are currently lacking a large amount of terrain for gaming, this could be a rather inexpensive way to create some dynamic playing surfaces that you can alter after every game!

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