Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ebay time! Clearing off my shelves...

I've decided to put up a bunch of my models on Ebay through my LGS. It's pretty nice as the shop owner does all the work as far as putting the items, shipping, etc, and I get store credit equal to whatever the items sell for! Anyway, CLICK HERE to head over the store's current ebay auctions and help me feed my gaming addiction!

Just a note of what I have up there:
- Malifaux Neverborn stuff. All painted except the "Dreamer" box set.
- Firestorm Armada painted Relthoza fleet.
- Legion and Retribution stuff for WM/Hordes.

Also, as soon as the current league I am in ends I will also be posting up my Circle stuff as well as my fully painted Cryx army!

Thanks for checking out my stuff!