Thursday, May 26, 2011

More shelf cleaning...

As I mentioned before, I'm selling off my Cryx collection... which is a TON of painted stuff with a few non-painted units in the mix as well. The ebay auction can be found here! Just as with the last one, everything is being handled by the LGS, the posting, shipping, the whole bit! (So any questions or concerns regarding the auctions need to go to him through ebay)

That said, thanks to all those that placed bids on the previous auctions. All those proceeds helped me get a decent start on my Gator army! With the store credit I get from the Cryx stuff I plan to turn around and start either an all Steelhead Magnus/Damiano merc army or possibly a Menoth army as Feora as well as the new warcaster and character jack has kind of caught my eye.

Hopefully in the coming weeks I can get enough of my Gator models completed and some pics shot!


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