Tuesday, December 21, 2010

nom nom nom, Paincakes!

Good news, I just joined up with the House of Paincakes Blog Network! I can already tell based on some the antics from their main page that these seem to be a fun bunch of guys, with a good sense of humor!

Thanks for the approval guys, hope I don't let you guys down!

Now, on a side note: It looks like I will be getting into Dystopian Wars in the next week or so with a Britannia fleet as Prussia seems like it could be very popular and I would like to avoid the "Space Marine Syndrome", if you know what I mean! My entrance into Dystopian Wars will be quickly followed up by a Relthoza fleet in Firestorm. Flames of is still on the radar, but that will take some significant planning and cash investment before I can make that plunge!

See you guys after the Holidays!
- EBC -

1 comment:

  1. welcome aboard man. Looking forward to having a blog with lots of WM coverage on it on the network.