Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Possible expansion into new games...

Well, some of my interest in GW games has started to dwindle as of late, I have all but the latest models from Malifaux's Neverborn, and I have most of the models that interest me for my Cryx force from Warmachine. I have also started a small Legion army from Hordes, but my Cryx is still holding my interest on the Privateer Press side. So, what am I going to do next? Perhaps I'll pick up a new game!

I've decided that after the Christmas season to expand my gaming horizons... after all, I bought a gigantic battlefoam case so I should probably make sure it gets filled! Anyway, here's what games have peaked my interest that I may be starting in the near future:

Firestorm Armada - From Spartan Games. ( ) This game seems to have a decent following at my LGS, as a good majority of the "regulars" have models in their collection, yet I have not seen a game played. A buddy recently let me borrow the rulebook over a weekend, so I have a brief idea of the rules. Models/Faction wise I'm leaning heavily towards the Sorylians and the Relthoza. Paint scheme wise, I'm thinking of doing a bright yellow, with some black squad markings, with teh typical grey/silver mechanical sections (like the thruster area) for the Sorylian ships. For the Relthoza, given their arachnid appearance, and use of cloaking technology, I'm going to go with a dark black/grey mottled look similar to the shadows from Babylon 5. To keep things from looking to bland, I will be sure to either put some glowing blue effects into the cracks in their armor plating, and/or pick out the lights on the ships as well. The plus side is that due to a fairly low model count, I can easily do both fleets in a fairly short amount of time! This is probably my 1st choice for a new game.

Uncharted Seas
- Another one from Spartan Games. While a similar concept/game to Firestorm Armada, this one features sea ships in a fantasy setting. It is also another game that a lot of the guys at my LGS have models for, yet I have only seen 1 game played. Just like Firestorm, 2 factions have caught my eye: The Elves, and the Bone Griffons. I tend to naturally gravitate towards elves in any fantasy setting, however their ships are a little bit bland. The Bone Griffons are the undead in Uncharted Seas, and feature some more dynamic, interesting ships... as well as undead, half-eaten whales as small frigates! However I'm more into space and scifi than fantasy and pirate ships, but that is not to say I'm opposed to starting up a fleet at some point in the future.

Dystopian Wars - Guess what, another one from Spartan Games! This is a game that has only recently been released, and seems to be gathering a lot of hype at the LGS. I'm a bit reluctant on this one simply because I know next to nothing about the game except for some fluff and some models. Model wise, the only ones that I am actually liking from pictures online are from the Prussian Empire. (with Britania a close 2nd) I worry however, that everyone else will be drawn to those 2 factions as well, which could get old. I'm going to hold off on this one until I can find out more about the game, and what factions will be played at the LGS.

Flames of War
- From Battlefront Miniatures. ( ) This is a historical WWII game, and one that I have looked at getting into in the past. I constantly see people working on the minis, but I think I have only seen 1 or 2 games played. For those that don't know, the game is divided into 3 categorys: Early, Mid, and Late War. Right now, if I played I would shoot for a mid war army that I could easily adjust by adding/removing a few models to make it legal for the early/late war games as well with ease. Being of Italian and German ancestry, my initial thoughts would be to lean towards one of those two. I'm initially drawn more towards tanks and heavy guns more than the infantry, and it seems that the Germans fit that bill more so than the Italians. So, while I have family ties to Italy and Germany, my Wife has family who have actually fought in some of the most famous battles of WWII, so an American force (with actual family members on my Wife's side present in the army) could be interesting as well. The downsides would be the larger model count and cost involved as well.

Well, there ya go! Right now, I'm leaning towards picking up Firestorm Armada for sure, with the possibility of picking up either Dystopian Wars or Flames of War at some point down the road as well. Check back in a month or two for some possible updates on which game(s) I choose!


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