Monday, January 10, 2011

2nd ship done: Relthoza Cruiser

Moving on down the Relthoza food chain to the smaller cruisers. The Relthoza starter came with 3 of these ships, and this is the 1st one off my desk.

** Sorry it is a bit blurry... its hard to take good pictures of these odd shaped ships! **

** Size DOES matter! **

I’m happy with how the scheme is working, but with one downside… I can’t come up with a viable way to differentiate the squadrons… or at least one that I am happy with. I’m thinking I will leave them how they are for awhile and see if squad markings are even necessary after a few games.

So, with another test ship out of the way I will be moving further down the line to the smaller frigates and escorts in the coming weeks. I’m also working on my Britannia fleet for Dystopian Wars, and will post pics of that stuff as soon as I can as well.


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