Friday, January 14, 2011

Firestorm: Drone Class Frigate & Stinger Class Escort

The last two types of ships I currently own, a Frigate and an Escort ship, are finished. With these last two test models done, I’m confident enough in the scheme I chose to give the “green light” on getting the rest of the fleet finished up. Anyway, on with the pics!

The Drone Class Frigates some interesting little “flying triangles”. (Literally) There are 6 of them in the starter box, so I have like 5 more to paint. The one downside is that they don’t fit onto the stands very well, so I’m either going to have to magnetize them, or try to tighten up the spot the stand fits into so it is not so wobbly….

The Stinger class escorts are my 2nd favorite ships in the fleet. (the Shunt R&D cruiser being the 1st) There are now “glowing lines” on them to detail out, so they really show off the mottled effect. Also, I like how arachnid-like the ships are, especially in the bridge area.

Although the test models are finished, I still have 2x Cruisers, 5x Frigates, and 5x Escorts to finish up my current fleet. I also picked up my own rulebook and cards to really get the rules down. (I have had the basic rules in my head) Hopefully I can get in some demo/starter games in the coming weeks to give me some things report on! All in all though, I’m pretty impressed with the Firestorm models, and am eager to get them on the field!


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