Friday, January 21, 2011

Pix of Cryx: Warcasters

In the coming weeks, I plan on systematically taking some pics of my Cryx collection. I’m choosing to kick things off with the models that set the overall pace and tone for any given army, the Warcasters.

Coreshade the Cursed, or eGoreshade was one of the 1st Cryx models I picked up as I just loved the model! Despite Goreshade being one of my favorite Cryx characters both model wise and fluff wise, I have actually never used him in a game. Maybe as soon as I get my units of Bane Thralls finished I can give him some time on the tabletop.

It is no secret, Terminus is my homeboy! While I picked eGoreshade up for the model/fluff, Terminus was the Warcaster I have been playing from the start! My 35 pt tourney list for this guy remains undefeated, and much hated by the rest of the guys at LGS. The original Terminus model came with a set of huge mechanical/ruined wings that I really struggled with during assembly. I couldn’t find a suitable way to really pin or stabilize the wings to a point that I was comfortable that they wouldn’t break off. My solution was the wings you see on him now, taken from an old D&D mini, which has the added bonus of making his overall profile a little bit smaller for transporting.

Skarre, Queen of the Broken Coast, or eSkarre. I have never been a fan of the Satyxis horns, so I left them off, which gives her a kind of “Dark Elf” look. She has been mainly my caster for smaller games, (and MM/T&C) where her feat can be abused… err most useful. My armies for her tend to build around feedback & backlash, so they are very ani-warmachine in that case.

Finally, Iron Lich Asphyxious… better known as Gaspy! I’ve been playing him the most lately, and I think I’m starting to get a bit of a feel for him. I recently developed a list fro I posted on here, which seems pretty interesting, but I need to get in more games vs different casters to see what it is capable of.

So, those are my 4 casters I currently have painted up. I recently picked up the regular Goreshade model, but I’m just not a big fan of it. Maybe I will get lucky and there will be an alternate sculpt done for him in the future. I also wouldn’t mind picking up Mortenebra, but her numerous thin arms scare me from a modeling standpoint. I also wouldn’t mind picking up Venethrax, which would give me an interesting counter to my eSkarre list. It could be interesting to go to a tourney with an anti-WM list with eSkarre, countered with an anti-Hordes list from venethrax… not to mention, the model is pretty sweet too! But, there you have it, those are my current warcasters! Next time I do a “Pix of Cryx” post it will be of the Warjacks in my collection.

- EBC -


  1. I dig yer epic Goreshade, and the wings on Terminus are sweeeeet. However, I note that you didn't do anything about his silly limp hand or bizarre expression. Nice paintjob, though. :D

  2. hehe, thanks for the comments!

    Honestly I never really thought about his face and hands being weird. His hand remind me of a typical zombie pose, and his face looks like he's ready to launch his super-awesome spray attack! (That I have only ever used once, for giggles to kill the old witch)

    If I have to eventually redo him now because of his pose, I'm gonna blame you for getting in my head! /JK

  3. I love your gaspy! What color metalics did you use? GW? Vallejo? The brass color that you have on his is band on for what I am looking for.

  4. Thanks! I use GW, but I actually use an unorthodox recipe.

    My Brass/Bronze is:
    1x Boltgun Metal Base Coat
    1x Badab Black Wash
    1x Gryphonne Sepia Wash (extra coats if need be)

    For gold, I just start with a brighter base... (chainmail or mythril)

    I've honestly never cared much for gold/brass/bronze paints as they always seem to come out too *Sparkly* imo.