Monday, January 17, 2011

WHFB Themed Army Idea

As if I do not have enough modeling projects already on my plate… I have been thumbing through the Vampire Counts book recently, and have come across an idea for a potential future project: a strict Strigoi list. Sure, given all the powergamers and WAAC guys at my LGS this army will get owned, but I have given up on playing WHFB in any competitive form…. the game is just about slingin’ dice for me at this point. So after thumbing through the whole book, these are the models I’ll be limiting myself to:

- Lords & heroes -
Strigoi themed Vampires

- Core –
Corpse Cart *A Ghoul has gotta eat!

- Special –
fel bats
Spirit Hosts? (maybe)

- Rare -
Varghulfs *and lots of them!
Wraiths? (maybe)

What you will notice is there are no wights, non-Strigoi Vamps, and any kind of armored undead. The army should seem very feral on the table. The Ghouls will fill out the core slots more than likely, and I will be using Mantic’s Ghouls as they beat GW’s hands down in my opinion! (same with the zombies) GW’s “Bestial/Winged Vampire Lord” will be the army’s general as he does have some armor to set him apart, and he looks less bestial than the other Strigoi. I also plan to do a kind of mini Varghulf with one of the Strigoi vamps as well. For Necromancers, I will be using the Empire Wizards.

Well, that is the basis and basic ideas for the army. I’ve got some stuff going up on Ebay in the near future, so some of the funds could be put towards this project depending on how everything sells.


  1. Great idea for a themed army, I really like the Strigoi because they're so different from the other bloodlines. Best wishes to you getting this army off the ground, I hope your eBay auctions go well. Cheers!